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The intent of this book and video review guide is to help us to live according to Kingdom standards which bring Heaven to earth.

The Souls of Animals
by Gary Kowalski
From Animal Rights Online [email protected]

Stillpoint Publishing
P O Box 640
Walpole, New Hampshire 03608, USA
Tel: 800-847-4014

ISBN #: 1-883478-21-9

$12.95 U.S.A.

Animals are not inanimate objects devoid of feeling and intellect but thinking, sentient individuals with a spiritual life.

"Gary Kowalski helps us unlock the mysteries of animal spirituality. For as we have learned from the companion animals that share our lives and our homes, when we look into their eyes we see the reflection of our own humanity."
~ Kim Stallwood, Editor
The Animals' Agenda magazine

"Gary Kowalski's voice is one that empowers us to say in public what we have thought in private -- that animals love their companions, know grief and joy, and play and create. They are truly our brothers and sisters in fur, feather and fin."
~ Tom Regan, author of The Case for Animal Rights

"This is an important book because it is so revealing of the animal soul that touches ours when we are open and receptive. In the process, our own souls are enriched."
~ Dr. Michael W. Fox, Vice President
The Humane Society of the United States

Gary Kowalski has served as a Unitarian Universalist minister in Memphis TN, Seattle WA, and Burlington VT, since graduating from Harvard Divinity School. He has written on behalf of animals for many years, with the best of his sermons published in 1989 by Harper & Row, Best Sermons. He is also the author of Goodbye Friend.

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All of the beliefs and ideas presented by the writers of the reviewed publications may not necessarily represent all those held by The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation, but since they do seek to make this a kinder and more compassionate world, they have been included.

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