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The Way It Is: Hard Facts and Despicable Truths, The Drivers behind Veganism (A Vegan Reference Book) Author-Compiler Nymph Kellerman

The Way It Is
The Way It Is: Hard Facts and Despicable Truths, The Drivers behind Veganism (A Vegan Reference Book)
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A Vegan Reference Book that offers answers to many of the often asked questions about veganism. Every vegan, would-be vegan and everybody interested in veganism, should have a copy of it. It is an accurate collection of works by a large number of reliable authors and reputable organizations.

This collection of articles, essays, references, and material spans a 20-year period and beyond. It was hand-picked from a pool of several hundred articles, essays and documents. I am confident that it will enrich your life and as the pages unfold before you, I pray that you may find strength, determination, and dedication in your life as a vegan. I believe that the information you will receive here, will motivate you in becoming a powerful advocate for animals and the environment!

They absolutely need your voice....

~ Namaste! Nymph K

Who Are They...... The Vegans....

Amidst the naked and grievous reality of immense animal suffering, vegans ferociously reject all harm done to animals and are driven by a burning passion to end this suffering.
Their hearts are broken.
They are saddened by intense feelings of despondency.
They retain their sanity by dreaming of a world in which animals and the environment will hurt no more.
They are the tireless mortals,
The unstoppable warriors,
The believers in a greater tomorrow,
They are the proverbial voice of the voiceless,
They are…. the vegans….
And I salute them!


  1. Climate Change
  2. Zoonotic Diseases
  3. “Cowspiracy”
  4. Animal Sentience and Consciousness
  5. Animal Agriculture
  6. Animals as Clothing
  7. Animals Entertainment and Sport
  8. Animal Experimentation and Vivisection
  9. Animal Rights
  10. Fish and Marine Life
  11. Wildlife
  12. Theology and Spirituality in Veganism
  13. Role Models
  14. Factory Farming Image Gallery
  15. Vegans Taking Action


About the Author-Compiler:

Nymph Kellerman began her career in the Performing Arts as an opera singer in the 1980s.  (She performed in a variety of operas, operettas, musicals and recitals and amongst lead roles in Oratorios, she performed in Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater and Mendellsohn’s Elijah).

She added acting to her resume in the 1990s. (Her theater credits as a romantic lead include Shakespeare's Macbeth and Twelfth Night, Euripides' Greek tragedy Iphigenia in Aulis, Joan Retief's Ai tog die vroumense, Sakke vol geld, and EA Schlegemann's Die drie van der Walts. She has performed in Klagstaat for Dirk de Villiers and Die ryk weduwee for Jan Prinsloo on television).

She is a dramatist, scriptwriter, video- and stage director with extensive experience. (Her most recent theatrical creations include the musical Downtown Marabi, the Zulu music drama Thula Thulani, the music drama The cry of Winnie Mandela, the passion play Jesus the Crucified, the Christmas play His Name is Jesus, and the full liturgical cycle The Teachings of the Master. Her most recent endeavor was the film script Thandeka.)

She has been involved in animal advocacy since 2005 and shares knowledge and educational materials on social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, where she also manages several animal groups.

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