Thrive Fitness: The Vegan Based Training Program
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Author: Brendan Brazier

Reviewed by Frank and Mary Hoffman



Da Capo Press
A Member of the the Perseus Books Group
Copyright 2009 by Brendan Brazier
ISBN: 978-0-7382-1362-0
Library of Congress Control Number: 2009938404
$15.95 US
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Brendan Brazier's Thrive Fitness: The Vegan-Based Training Program for Maximum Strength, Health, and Fitness is both an interesting book to read and an excellent reference book for anyone who is interested in good body fitness and health, which should really include everyone.  And, for anyone wanting to train for athletic sports, this book is a must read.

The main features of the book are the five and six week fitness training programs with lots of photos, graphs, and explanations about exercise and fitness training.  Brendan also explains how a plant-based diet and exercise prevents and reverses many of humanity's chronic illnesses, and brings about a person's over all well-being.

Thrive Fitness has found a prominent place in our reference book shelves, and we hope our readers will buy the book and find many of the same helpful ideas that we have, and hopefully even more.

About the Author:

Brendan Brazier is a professional vegan Ironman triathlete.  He is regarded as one of the world's leading authorities on athleticism and plant-based nutrition.  He lives in Los Angeles, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

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