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Very Vegetarian
By Jannequin Bennett
Reviewed by: Mary T. Hoffman

Rutledge Hill Press
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
A Division of Thomas Nelson, Inc.
ISBN: 1-55853-952-2
$24.99 US

Very Vegetarian is an exciting "world class" hardcover book of over 300 recipes, color photos, and information that will fascinate everyone: for the wannabe to the long-time vegan, for the bored cook looking for something new to the expert chef searching for innovation and variety, this book is ideal.

Written by Jannequin Bennett, executive chef at TJ’s Restaurant in the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia (AAA Five Diamond, Mobil Five Star Hotel), this 372-page collection features an "Introduction" by nine-time gold medal Olympic vegan athlete Carl Lewis.

The "Getting Started" section contains up-to-date answers to many questions about vegan nutrition, eating out, shopping, etc.  Even I, a seasoned vegan, found tidbits of information new to me.

From the easy to the complex, from "Treats for Kids" to "Condiments and Sauces", here is a wealth of culinary tips and recipes for beginner to sophisticated gourmet. Carl Lewis’ easier recipes such as "Spaghetti with Lentil Tomato Sauce", "Savory Black-eyed Peas", and "Seven-Bean Chili" are especially appealing to me. But for those seeking more challenging fare there are "Bulgur Pilaf with Cashews and Oven-Roasted Tomatoes", "Chilled Soba Noodles on Painted Plates", or "Farfalle with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Portobellos", to name a few.

Frank and I give this winner two thumbs up, and look forward to sharing even more happy times in our kitchen.

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