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Reading Vegan Books Aloud Together

Pride Goes Before Destruction with Matthew King - Starting July 16th, 2023!

Matthew King

Don’t have time to participate in traditional vegan book clubs where you show up to discuss a book after you have read it? We have the answer for you!

All-Creatures.org is hosting a free “Reading Vegan Books Aloud Together” Group

Instead of reading books in advance (which few people find the time to do), we meet once a week to take turns reading a page or two out loud during the meeting. Then we have a discussion at the end. Reading aloud together is a great bonding experience! The different voices, different accents, different understandings and emphasis expand retention and understanding.

Author Matthew King will be joining our meetings!

Closed 90 minute Zoom meeting on Sunday evenings beginning July 16, 2023:
8 pm Eastern
7 pm Central
6 pm Mountain
5 pm Pacific

Group size is limited to 15-20 participants. It is free but you MUST register. To register, email: [email protected]

You will need the book which is available on kindle or paperback HERE.

About Matthew: Matthew A. King is the president of the Christian Animal Rights Association, which he co-founded with his wife, Nina. He is the author of I Will Abolish the Bow: Christianity, Personhood, and the End of Animal Exploitation and Meat: The New Cigarette: Patient Advocacy and the Plant-Based Diet, and the newly released Pride Goes Before Destruction: Human Vanity, Animal Agriculture, and the New Covenant Solution. He is also a registered nurse.

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