7 Ways to Set the World on Fire (and Not Burn Out Doing It)
Articles - How to Avoid Burning Out as an Animal Rights/Vegan Activist

FROM Victoria Moran, MainStreetVegan.net
January 2022

Feeling satisfied means we can feel good about what we’re doing, meet our needs as mortals (even though we wish we had superpowers), and look an animal in the eye and say, “I’m not doing all I want to, but I’m doing all I can, and there’s an army of us on your side.”

St. Ignatius
St. Ignatius

I love the admonition from St. Ignatius, pictured here: “Go forth and set the world on fire.” It floods me with enthusiasm in the morning when everything is before me to accomplish. And by about 2:30, I’m often so bogged down by email…and PayPal wants me to send them documents that will have to be scanned…and my web guy is telling me we have to talk today or some truly awful cyber mishap will occur…that setting the world on fire is profoundly bumped off the priority list.

And yet, if I fail to take the action that’s mine to take, and get reconfirmation that my work is part of a bigger work that’s great and grand and good, life ceases to be in color, and comes instead in the more somber shades of gray. You may well relate.

Unfortunately, burnout is real, and the more committed we are to a goal or a purpose or to simply doing our best work, the more likely it is to strike.


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