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Words of Wisdom

by Zig Ziglar

One morning it was my pleasure to address the staff at a new Sam's Wholesale Warehouse at breakfast before they opened for business. . . I was really impressed when I noticed Dean Sanders, who had started working at Sam's part-time as a college student and was now the President of the company, moving some empty plates and cups to the trash barrel. As I observed him, I wondered how many presidents of $25 billion corporations would be doing such a thing.

First, would they be at a working breakfast; second, would they mingle (as Dean had done) so easily and freely with the staff, which included highly paid executives and hourly wage earners; and third, would they be cleaning up the breakfast dishes when so many other people were around?

. . . It's true: "He who is greatest among you shall be your servant" (Matt. 23:11 NKJV). Today, many people think others should serve them, but the reality is that those who serve best are those who will lead the most. Think about it. Adopt the servant's attitude (without being servile).

See you at the Top,
Zig Ziglar

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