Programs for 2000-2003

Coming Events:

Tuesday, April 29, 2003 from 8:30 to 10:30 PM
Sounds of the Sound" will be the theme of this year's Earth Day Cafe at Southern Connecticut State University on Tuesday, April 29, 2003 from 8:30 to 10:30 PM,
sponsored by the Environmental Futurists Club.  The cafe will consist of poetry readings and musical interludes.  Refreshments will be served.  The feature poets will be Sue Holloway and Mary Elizabeth Lang, who is also filling in as host for the event this year.  The poets will be joined by a host of poets from the SCSU community and by the University Chamber Choir, who will offer a musical setting of Carl Sandburg's "Prairie Waters by Night" and a Japanese folk song "Hotaru Koi (The Firefly)."
Earth Day Cafe, part of the two day celebration of Earth Day at SCSU, follows a presentation by Tom Anderson, author of A Fine Piece of Water:  An Environmental
History of Long Island Sound.  Anderson's presentation begins at 7:30 PM in Engleman Hall A-120, in the recently renovated rotunda.  Poets and musicians who are members of the SCSU community and/or the wider community are welcome to sign up for the open mike portion of the evening. You may sign up in advance by e-mailing Mary Elizabeth at <[email protected]>. 
Please bring poetry that is nature-related.

Annual Calendar:


New Year 
- Peace with the Natural World

Martin Luther King Day -
- Extending Freedom: the Creatured World


Valentine's Day
- Spiders to Swans: Dimensions of Love & Joy


Women's History Month
- Eco Tales of Intimacy
- Myths of Feminine Consciousness (slide presentation)

St. Patrick's Day (14)
- "The Book of Kells"


National Poetry Month
- Earth's Embrace (Poetry. Gen. or Theme: Trees, Elements, Birds, New England Landscapes)
- Artemis' Arrow (Nature Themes)
- Ealadh: Poems About Swans

Earth Day Celebrations
- Eco-Tales of Intimacy (lecture)
- Mythic Swans of Connecticut (slide presentation)
- Following the Snow Geese (slide presentation)
- Loving Our Living Landscape: The Role of Nature Writing (lecture)
- Any of Above Poetry Programs


- Nature's Embrace (poetry, see above)
- Earth as the Beloved (poetry)
- Any of the Above Lectures


Independence Day (4)
- Freedom's Frontier: the Creatured World


- Earth's Embrace (poetry)


Equinox, when Day and Night are Equal
- Eco Tales of Intimacy (Social interactions within & among species.)


St. Francis' Feast Day (4th)
- St. Francis' Teachings on Our Creatured Connection


- Our Creatured Connection: Giving Thanks


Winter Solstice, Return of the Light
- Hope for the Future: Relating to Animals' Intelligence and Emotional Lives

Please call or FAX (203) 481-8747 or e-mail [email protected] for more information.

About the Artist: Sue Holloway, Ph.D.

Author of Swan in the Grail, nonfiction (Gaiaquest, 1999), this photo-journalist pens a "Back to Earth" column for four shoreline newspapers, including Madison's The Source; and a "Women of Spirit" column for Woman magazine, The Connecticut Post. Other books include Chronicles Of Healing Self With Nature (1995, rev. forthcoming 2000) and several poetry chapbooks. Op-eds appear in The Day (New London) & New Haven Register.

Her poetry is featured in Writing Nature, Whole Terrain, Connecticut Poet, Heartbeat of New England: An Anthology of Contemporary Nature Poetry (2000), and other journals, as well as on audiotape.

A volunteer rescuer of wildlife, Dr. Holloway is on the Board of Directors of the Branford River Raptor Center & serves as advisor to the Branford Land Trust. (1996-2000.) An Adjunct Professor in Educational Foundations and Women's Studies at SCSU, she is currently writing a novel on the return of the snow geese.

Getting a taste of God's creation as it should be!

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