Dairy Products and Ovarian Cancer Risk

A study of 60,000 women found that drinking more than two glasses of milk a day upped the risk of the most serious and most common form of ovarian cancer. Those women who drank two or more glasses a day were at double the risk of those who did not consume it at all, or only in small amounts.[1]
[1] American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, (Vol. 80, No. 5, 1353-1357, November 2004)

In another study (of over 80,000 nurses), it was found that those who consumed one or more servings of even skim or low-fat milk daily had a 32% higher risk of ovarian cancer compared to women consuming 3 or less servings monthly.[2]
[2] International Journal of Cancer (June 2004; 110(2): 271-7)

In yet another study, done by researchers at Harvard University, suggested that women who ate the most dairy products, especially yogurt, were found to be much more likely to develop ovarian cancer.[3]
[3] Lancet 2 (1989), 66-71

… Milk is not necessary for strong bones:

Another study from Harvard University(over 120,000 subjects) found that the consumption of milk does not protect against hip or forearm fractures [osteoporosis]. People who drank 3 or more servings of milk a day actually had a slightly higher rate of fractures than those who drank little or no milk.[4]
[4] American Journal of Public Health 87 (1997) 992-997.

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