Shouting Mad, “Protect my Friend”

I’m madder than hell! Hell’s had its way long enough on this planet. It’s not just one thing I’m mad about like the oil and gas leasing and development in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea and other waters in the Artic Ocean pressing on the Artic National Wildlife Refuge. I am just using them as examples of how insane people keep on working for Satan and gratifying their love of money at the expense of God’s creation. I am angry about every emu whose inquiring and intelligent eyes get severed with its head so it can be made into jerky for the local bar. I am angry for every seal pup waiting for its mother’s return that gets its head bashed in with a club. I am angry for every veal calf that gets its throat cut or is shot with a rifle. It gets let out of its pen thinking freedom is just around the corner only to experience men who think every animal was created for their pleasure. The Word of God teaches no such thing.  It says, “All things were created for God’s pleasure” and not our own. (See Revelation 4:11) I learned in college that faulty and contrary premises end up as an errant conclusion and belief system.  
When we honor God, we must honor the things that He takes pleasure in. Not even a sparrow can fall without Him. He loves the birds that are being sacrificed in the name of more gas and oil production. All things were created by Him, through Him and for Him and He takes pleasure in them. Revelation 4:11 says, “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power for thou has created all things and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” It’s no sin to be mad and no one could be happy about threatening the very species like the character below.

shouting David Prather creations cry
Credit: Laura Whitehouse

God gave us this example saying of Jesus Christ, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, hear ye Him.” (Matthew 17:5) We are called to be changed from our carnal ways into sons and daughters of God who live to please Him. (Read Romans 12:1-2)  
Off the plains of the northern and western artic, hundreds of millions of acres with many species such as threatened whales and all sorts of animals from polar bears to walrus have to change their habits to barely survive because of climate change and other factors. Now Shell has purchased leases for a great amount of money to subject this environment to exploration for gas and oil and development. These lands would take at least three days to pass over in a speed boat and that is taking into consideration that you would have to do this without any time out to sleep. Shell recently tried to demonstrate that with their safety equipment and techniques nothing could go wrong. Equipment did fail! Their demonstration proved something can go very wrong. This fortifies the fact that drilling in the ocean always will be a risk we can’t afford to take. (Various sources have provided inadequate or no information. This report is not trying to convey a lot of data but to correct an enormous problem.)
I do not speak simply as an animal rights activist; I speak as a minister of the gospel of Christ and His Kingdom. Everyone ultimately has to give an account to God of how they honored Him, how much attention they paid to His Word, how they obeyed Him and how they helped facilitate His Kingdom to come.
I am not politically minded in the least. One side wants to remove environmental regulations that limit its profiting while the other side claims to be different. The second side is no different than the first. They have quietly negotiated these leases, so no matter who wins the election, they are both subjecting a very fragile environment and very threatened species including endangered ones to extinction. Get out! Get out! Before this contest is over, God says people like these oil and gas men gone astray will call for the mountains to fall on them and hide you from the wrath to come from the Almighty. (Revelation 6:16) God knows I am far from the only being who says human beings aren’t the only lives being impacted by this greed and “sea grab.”
When Jesus kicked over the money changers tables, He fashioned a whip at His Father’s direction and aimed the money changers out the door! Flocks of vanishing species in Alaska, illustrated by my friend in the photo, will disappear if we stand by silently. We must cry out for them who have no voices. They make sounds only those miraculously empowered can understand except for others of their kind. We must give them voices.  It is our responsibility to do so. Do you have any friends as handsome as this male Spectacled Eider?
Let me ask you a question? Was it God’s cabinet in Heaven or man’s that decided, “He should destroy all those who destroy the earth?” (Revelation 11:18) it is time for all you professing Christians to offer your fervent effectual prayers. They will move mountains. (James 5:16)  No need to pray if you have been made righteous by Christ, yet desire not to restrain drilling until the sea becomes unbearable to all life. Look what we are killing in the name of perpetuating a system and a pursuit that is not sustainable.
Recently I heard a minister pleading for financial help for his very good projects on the planet. It has been spoken abroad that he goes on wildlife safari’s to collect trophies to display in the hallways of his church. If I mentioned his name many of you would know him immediately. It will be quite a while that he waits before I would ever give him an inflated dollar! It is heresy not to be showing our Christ like love to animals. God did and He still does. My welcoming sign says, “If God still does not want us to go to great extremes to save every species, He must apologize to Noah.” How can we dish out death to creatures who have been given hope to escape from it by God Himself? (Romans 8:20)
You may say I’m making a big deal out of a little one. So little preferred food is available to many of the species I have mentioned, that they must prey on some of the threatened ones. The size of the leased area is minimally larger than Alaska, California and Texas combined. I have 14 acres and it tires me out just to walk its boundaries. It really is time that we earnestly pray for the wild thing. Shell has grabbed an enormous portion of the sea with flocks of birds no man can number.
Beware: God is going to save us from ourselves!  He says, “Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with Thee, when they frame mischief by a law?” (Psalms 94:20) This is accurately understood to mean: Just because something is legal does not mean that God is pleased or honored by it. There was a group of people in the Old Testament who opposed God’s choice of action.  The Earth suddenly swallowed them up! (Numbers 26:10)
For years, I wondered why God did not forgive the Devil and just start over.  Not that I wanted Satan to be reinstalled, but many rock musicians were coming out with records, like “Sympathy for the Devil.”  The Almighty Creator cannot have any sympathy for him, because he has never repented (changed to doing things God’s way).  The proof of this is that Satan gets bound in chains for a thousand years.  After he is loosed again for a little season, he tries to kill all the holy ones of God. Even with a thousand years to reflect upon all the misery he has caused on the Planet, he only exists to cause more.  God’s message to humanity is, “Repent, and believe the gospel!”  God is going to kill and cast into hell, those who will not submit to His example, word, and guidance. Jesus said, “But I will forewarn you whom you shall fear: fear him, which after he has killed has power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, fear him.” (Luke 12:5) I meet people who tell me that this speaks of the devil but the devil is not a ruler over who goes to hell, he is hell’s chief inmate. Jesus Christ has the keys to death and hell. (Revelation 1:18)  At one point in time, Jesus Christ the Lord told His disciples of His ascension into Heaven and His later return. Some men responded, “We will not have this man rule over us!” Jesus said in another place, “All those that hate me, love death.”  
Do you realistically believe they have oil and gas extraction in the habitat of countless animals in Heaven?  What about fracking?  Perhaps some of you owners and stock holders of companies like Shell, recall your school years when we prayed, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in Earth, as it is in Heaven.”  One of these days you will know that “the Heavens do rule!” (Daniel 4:26)  Be sure, the Almighty King will correct you if you are correctable, but if you refuse, the Heavens will rule you out.   
God hates the fact that you have chosen the way of the Deceiver and the Devil.  He loves you, but He hates your choices.  He would that all men be saved, but there is a way of life that Salvation takes.  If you reject the warnings of God, the Earth herself, will vomit you out of her mouth. (See Leviticus 18:25) Thank God. This reminds me of another time when God necessarily destroyed something that was detrimental to the earth and the followers of Christ. The Holy Apostles and Prophets exclaimed, “Hallelujah.” I’m not mad any more, Christ always has a solution.

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