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By Maynard S. Clark - 20 Jan 2012

I would be tempted to read any text from any source in terms of my own mental experience of myself, as it is. But unless that's what 'prayer' is (a trivial interpretation of the word 'prayer' - to be sure), the text does indeed pose a challenge to anyone hoping to read it in any affirmative way at all.

Can we 'read' the text in some way that affirms this text?

The action words are modified by 'unceasing' - and while to a number of readers, the word unceasingly' (without ceasing or ending or 'termination) poses a challenge or conceptual problem, a great many readers (not likely to be readers of the Bible) find the word (the action verb) 'pray') to be modestly challenging.

Well, what if the ceasing registers with that ongoing human individual, so that one's prayer does not reach a termination? Is a continuous, unending (what about 'death' anticipated for all of us?) ANYTHING active really possible, or conceivable?

I suspect that most who read such texts belief-fully overlook the inevitability of ending, thinning instead that 'unending' means (pretty much) over a very long period of time (without any overt PLANS to interrupt of change attention).

What would 'to cease' mean?

To commentators I've found the idea sensed here is the idea of living in the face of God, the Eternal GROUND of ALL BEING. Do mortals )(stop and think about your body) really have that capacity? The text does seem to instruct that ...


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