Our Silence About Animal Abuse Promotes Abuse of Humans
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Our Silence About Animal Abuse Promotes Abuse of Humans
Comments by Deanna Wagner - 28 Aug 2003

Hi Dena.

You may be interested in knowing that although organic has a specific, legal meaning, the terms free-range, cage-free, and the like do not.

I believe that the only requirement for free range is that the birds have access to the outside. Thus, a 3' x 3' "yard" placed by an enormous factory farm producing organic eggs qualifies as free-range. www.eggscam.org has an example of the "animal care certified" label, which seems to have no meaning to the chickens.

No guilt trip intended here. I have been a sporadic vegan until this spring when I changed my diet and purchases for good (although I have some wool and leather around the house, I don't buy it anymore).

My children insisted I contact Organic Valley about their treatment of birds before Easter. They would shout in protest at the supermarket if I picked up a carton of these organic eggs. So I complied. The company wrote me back explaining that they do debeak the birds as they peck each other in such cramped quarters.

Of course, they use a nicer term called "tipping", but it is mutilation nonetheless.

I think the only way you can be sure is to raise your own animals, or buy from someone who does. Frank and Mary Hoffman have a wonderful site full of information on compassion: www.all-creatures.org .

Frank, you made some very good points in your last posting on this subject. The article was a sad read, but we must be informed if we're to help Creation.

We are all sinners, but as Christians we should be perfecting ourselves daily, through Christ, our Lord.

In peace,


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