Our Silence About Animal Abuse Promotes Abuse of Humans
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Our Silence About Animal Abuse Promotes Abuse of Humans
Comments by "Hashell" - 25 Aug 2003

Hi Frank and Mary, just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read my story and putting it on the web. You did a great job explaining how this fits into the church life.

I hope others will pick up on these issues - especially in the church where we sing "For the Beauty of the Earth." My very first Sunday School teacher - the first thing she did when she closed the door on that very first day - was pick up a stack of New Testaments and as she gave us each one to keep for our own, she looked us in the eye and said, "God loves you, and I want you to always remember that."

That was very powerful for me when I was growing up. Even though I didn't always think of it in the middle of the chaos, when I thought about God - the thought that he loved me was always there - it was my stay and is even today. Nobody can take that away.

Anyways, thanks, again.



P.S. Just wondering where you're stationed at, if you don't mind my asking.

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