Our Silence About Animal Abuse Promotes Abuse of Humans
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Our Silence About Animal Abuse Promotes Abuse of Humans
Comments by Karen L. Moore - 24 Aug 2003

Hello again,

I just read the new story on the Hoffman site and would like to comment.

The belief of that father was, and is, a widely held belief. When I used to speak in elementary classrooms, I would some times start out that way.

Explaining that for my Dad's generation it was common that one of the jobs when being a dad or an uncle was to kill litters of puppies and kittens for which there were no homes. Veterinary services were not that widely available or affordable. Usually children were simply lied to. That would lead into information about spay/neuter and the humane society.

In the schools I visited, most of the stories of the children were about a pet that ran away or was run over.

Most families of my classmates avoided having pets. Crying in front of people was about the worst thing socially that a person could do. I tried to live up to that and when I made a decision to choose tears...that God had created me with emotions and I was going to have them, I cried for a month.

The father in that story was really locked into something because he kept letting the children have reproductive pets. Does any one remember when Rosie Grier sang "It's All Right To Cry" on the Free To Be You And Me tape? And the book showed pictures of well known men crying? I hope that woman can eventually forgive her dad and I'll pray for that.


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