Our Silence About Animal Abuse Promotes Abuse of Humans
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Our Silence About Animal Abuse Promotes Abuse of Humans
Comments by Mike Shaw - 27 Aug 2003

Hi Deanna and Robert,

Just a few comments...

I for one, have refused medical treatment because it came from an animal source. Now, it was not a life or death situation, but I would not start eating meat of any kind no matter what, even to save my life. I have come close to dying a couple times and someone offering me a steak to save my life would not have work.

I do not believe that suicide is a sin. In fact, I believe in euthanasia and assisted suicide. Neither do I ascribe to ahimsa. I am, however, against abortion, unless the mother might die ( then its up to her ) or the child will be born with its organs on the outside or some other drastic problem.

Deanna... I see you are familiar with Hinduism and Indian philosophy, as such, you must be aware of the fact that Krishna himself, told Arjuna, that it was his duty or dharma to fight. Even the Buddha saw that warfare was sometimes necessary, though monks and nuns were not to partake.

In regards to Robert's post.... It is my opinion, that there are objective truths. One of those truths is not to kill animals for food, sport or medical research. To me, these things are sins ( whether we know it or not ). I still maintain, as Plato taught, that no one knowingly and willingly does wrong. We might have that still small voice inside us, telling us that something is wrong, but outwardly, in our survival mode, we feel that this voice must be ignored. Thus, I believe that all sin is done unknowingly... or at least done while justified in the mind of the one doing it. In other words, the perpetrator of the sin, if they realize they are going against a known sin, feels they have some higher right to do so...

Sin, like breaking earthly law, is wrong whether we know it or not... Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Take Care,

Mike Shaw

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