Our Silence About Animal Abuse Promotes Abuse of Humans
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Our Silence About Animal Abuse Promotes Abuse of Humans
Comments by Rod Preece - 27 Aug 2003

It is worth recalling, Andrew, that, during one of his illnesses, Gandhi's mother persuaded him to give up his veganism - he drank goat's milk, for example, and continued to drink it for the rest of his life.  In reality, he chose to save his life rather than maintain his principles.

Even the great moral figures of history do not bear too close a scrutiny. Gandhi sinned, as we all do. Perhaps George Bernard Shaw was an exception, though many accused him - unjustifiably, at least knowingly, the evidence suggests to me - of taking beef broth during an illness.

This shouldn't surprise us. After all, Gandhi learned his ethical vegetarianism from Shaw and Henry Salt. (Prior to that he was only a cultural vegetarian, to please his mother, and hoped India would turn to meat consumption in general, to provide for a nation of stronger warriors, as he thought the Europeans were).


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