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By Kenneth - 13 Mar 2006

Dear Frank.

I have been atheist for 75 of my 81years. Of the people I learnt to trust and depend on, particularly during my war years (WW2), the majority were, and still are, atheist. They all shared your view and mine, regarding the welfare of all creatures; justice; peace; harmonious relations with all people, but they did not need to believe in a god.

You are a rare person; as most Christians justify the worst of human degradation; wars, greed; dominance over all creatures; destruction of other religions, self-righteousness---hypocrisy. I know your reply will be---they are not Christians. BUT THEY ARE.

Nearly two thousand years of enforced Christianity, has presided over the most barbaric incidents known to man. The Christian world is still using the most immoral weapons to subdue people whose lands possess the remnants of fuel resources. The cost of one bomb would feed many starving people.

To that comment, the religious usually answer that they- the combatant, is doing God's work. I detected the vein in a letter to you. Perhaps I am wrong, but this sounded like justification for aggression in the Middle East. I quote from the letter by Colin Sky.

"Firstly, though we must disarm Satan in all his Nationalistic disguises."

I assume the mythical "Satan" is a group in the Middle East, who were financed by the West to cause maximum terrorism and disruption in Afghanistan many years ago, when a moderate government was trying to deal with the very people who attacked the USA. I believe another religion calls this, "Karma".

You come over as a very kind and well intentioned person, Frank, and I applaud you for that. However, I would rather talk to you as a person who does not consider that belief in Biblical myth is a prerequisite for having fine principles and having empathy with all other creatures. That is certainly not my experience. To bless me or invoke the "love of the Lord" is meaningless to me as my years of study to find a vein of truth in the Christian Religion, has produced not one iota of proof that the faith was based on anything but a re-appraisal of pre-existing Pagan myths.

Once again, thank you for being YOU and the kind messages you promote.