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By Patrick - 30 May 2007

Dear Frank/Mary,

I agree with you where the intent is concerned - I tend to differ in the approach. You say very well of the greatest commandment, "to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and might. The whole man refers to spirit, soul, and body and I believe to effect permanent change that ought to be the order. Restricting people by rules of what not to do and do, eat or not eat is in my opinion a reversal of the order where one starts in disciplining the body, and may not last very long. One only needs to observe the people in the old testament and see how difficult that approach is - the law of Moses never changed the people with all the do's and don'ts - simply put, man is fallen and can only change by his spirit first being restored to God in the new birth as in the new testament.

The church as we know it has been a hurt to many that would be committed followers of Christ and therefore you do well to introduce them to The Lord Himself.

The Lord God bless you,