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By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 25 Oct 2007

Dear Carolina:

Thank you for writing back and for your efforts to help the animals.

We have been using two primary thrusts to changing peoples hearts, minds, and souls to be more compassionate. As a retired pastor (Frank) I had hoped we could get through to people of faith, but unfortunately we have found that they are among the hardest of heart people we have encountered when it comes to having compassion for animals. This is particularly true among the hierarchy. So, most of our efforts, today are directed toward the laity.

The other effort, which has been the most successful, has been our approach to young people, and we just started a new campaign Tell Youth the Truth. We were getting thousands of young people coming to our animal exploitation section every week and thanking us for telling them the truth about the cruelty inflicted upon animals.

It became so successful, that now many schools are blocking our web site, which we believe is because of pressure from the meat and dairy industries. The youth don't seem to want a soft-peddle approach, and they recognize the evil acts that people do to the animals.

Have you seen the video, The Witness?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary