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By Nicodemus Sawe Migiro - 10 Mar 2008

Dear Frank and Mary,

Thanks a lot for your response to my letter I wrote to you concerning extending your ministry to Kenya.

I have already begun God's creatures ministry here in Kenya. The mission of the ministry is to encourage people to begin the animal welfare committees in their community so as to protect the animals in their regions, to treat those animals which are sick whose owners can't afford to purchase drugs or pay Veterinary Doctors among others.

They are many ways in which we can work together but among them are:

To assist me to know more about the need to co-exist peacefully with the animals. Since you are more experienced and expert in that field than me according to the HOLY BIBLE and to extend your resources to assist my ministry since it is young.

I am so much interested in working with you to make the world a better place for all the creatures created by thy Almighty God to live peacefully.

Thanks a lot,