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By Brenna - 24 Jul 2009


Factory farming, health, wastefulness and good stewardship of the earth are all issues very close to my heart.

My opinions regarding going veggie are perhaps more moderate than some would prefer, but my drive to spread awareness of issues is no less powerful. My position is that I am not 100% certain God's Word states meat-eating is outright wrong, but I am studying the Word to find the truth. Meat-eating is such a large part of Western culture, society, and even individual and group identity, that most people are simply not going to stop eating meat altogether.

However, what people WILL listen to are proven facts regarding their health and the quality of food they are consuming. If people were more aware of the gunk that goes into a gallon of factory farmed milk, then they would be less inclined to consume it.

What is most effective and more palatable for the majority of non-vegetarians is a mission to spread the word about the unhealthy and abusive nature of factory farming. Explaining the process, detailing what goes into the final product, and allowing people to get close to and interact with the gentle and interesting animals who are being tortured for their meat and milk will help people become more compassionate and choose free-range instead. From there, it may be possible to enlighten them on the health benefits of an all-vegetable diet. I believe what is most important is that everyone make steps to improve their health and the treatment of animals by not contributing to the continuation of factory farming.

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