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Comments by Anne - 27 Dec 2009

I visited a lot of your site. It must have taken you a long time to have so many news articles about so many different subjects, paintings, all kinds of news.

Long ago I was a Holocaust Volunteer for my University in Florida. We had to do 60 seminar hours. Out of 70 only 3 came through. I was one of the 3. We had to learn all the camps and episodes, and types of nuts working out there....

Knowledge and empathy that is all that it was interview "as ghost soul", as they call themselves that survived.

To me all those farms in U.S.A., lab, puppy mills, bears in need are a Holocaust....such inhumane misery....and what is the exhibit superiority by terror....that in my eyes, is nothing more than an egotistical trip.

I remember in the Bible God pulling His hair at his people, "hard heads" "stiff necks"....even God could not endure.

My question is: When God gave His blessings to his work of art, Man.....could he not see this atrocious man, being the reason of God's own misery with His creation, I know he swore never to get rid of them as he did before.

You know Mrs. Hoffman, God created man in His image...surely that image is not going to be a negative image....right? so why is it happens? well, maybe we will never know.

Thanks for writing.