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Comments by Anne - 28 Dec 2009

HI Mrs. Hoffman:

A labor of love is your web site alright !!!

Yes indeed...Hitler also used some of the Torquemada systems of torture...he was also a lover of Eric Fromm's the Anatomy of Destruction you will see so many similarities among these "lover of death" a kind of necrophilia. He himself did not engage in the many camp human beings for his many twisted behaviors....there was so much torture in their curiosity of the body and how to produce more pain, in living beings....this is too horrific. Even Dante's Inferno was kinder in comparison to Hitler. He was very kind to his Mother when she was ill....even placing his bed on the hall so he could hear her. As you know he was obsessed with his connection to the Jews.

To another topic. Something funny happened to me while I received communion today. I looked at the Nativity set and see the lambs/sheep/cow adoring their Master. I had an emotion of compassion for the animals that are being tortured/mistreated today.

I'm caught here....In Leviticus, there are some references to what God would do a little at a time to those that disobey. I truly believe is true thru my one experience. Disobedience is a very costly and it takes years at a time to undo the consequences....the ripple effect takes place. There are references to the wiser way of eating and personal habits...

I can see how God's pain came about with his perfect creation....

After Eve/Adam the world would not be a "sweet thing" they had it and neither would I must take back what I said about God (perhaps) missing in His Creation......I'M getting like Job now....I back off.

You are right all the way...remember that is difficult to love what you cant see....just human...when we are children we think as such, when we grow, we are suppose to leave behind such silliness...

Still and all, If I were God I would not let any humans hurt that case all that can't defend themselves....

Certainly I would not allow a Hitler to exist for long, or any other nut!! I still feel, and this is a "feel thing". Animals (that are peaceful, like the lambs and many others) I would have them protected...and same for the very young and very old.

"I'm a great respecter of the "free will"...but I'm making a little room here for my own little opinion...let me have it....ok?

Somewhere above I touched this area of God's pain....

I wish God would show himself at some point just for a "treat"...I know, that is not possible, but just a little hard to keep Faith up. It was nice having this chat with you.

Godly dreams.