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Comments by Rana Khazzouh - 23 Mar 2010


Sorry if I am asking you some questions, but if ypu mind just tell me ... it's ok anyways.

I want to tell you that Jesus taught us that we can all become Christ's that is the true Gnostic philosophy before the church distorted it. As you know the church distorted a lot of things. Even you talked about meat eating, and thank God I don't eat meat.

Look, but one thing I want to ask you is why do they say Jesus is God? We are all divine by nature.... Jesus came to show the divinity in us.. didn't He say that the I am is the universal I? Was Jesus selfish? Why did He say no one comes to the father accept through me? There is Buddha and many others, for example. What did he mean here and why did he tell some of the Jews in the temple you will never see me again unless you cry blessed is he who came in the name of the Lord? Do you think He is showing that He is better? That is what I used to think sometimes, that Jesus wants to show us that he is better than us, but this is arrogance. Tell them the true philosophy of this. Why did he say you will cry until you say blessed am I who came in the name of the Lord?