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Comments by Sandra - 12 May 2010

Frank and Mary,

Thanks for all the info you send me. I became a vegetarian 20 years ago after I read a PETA article about a downed cow who was on her way to slaughter. I am now at a point where I cannot look at an animal suffering. I am very committed to this. I even got sick when I wasn't getting enough B-12 from meat; I now give myself injections.

But I am in a quandary. I cannot say that I am a Christian despite my Master of Divinity. I guess that I am a Deist. I believe in God, but I believe God does not answer prayers. I have read a lot about the Holocaust and if there were a time for prayers to be answered, that was it. I don't believe that God would allow atrocities to be committed on babies and then answer a prayer for healing from us. Rwanda? People, including children, were burned alive in churches. What about their prayers? So, do you see where I'm coming from? I support most of your goals; I just don't want to misrepresent myself. Or mislead you.