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Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 1 Jun 2010

Dear Barbara:

Thank you for writing back and your kind words.

A church should be a sanctuary for your soul and spirit, where your are refreshed spiritually, If you are receiving this kind of blessing, then by all means continue to attend and see through the hardness of heart to the truth you know in your heart and soul.

The pork video is from PA.

There are a number of reasons why God allows all the violence, corruption and suffering upon this earth. The simplest way to look at it is that God gave the earth to Adam and humans to care for, and we failed to do so. Then He brought about the flood in order to have a clean start, but the evil still prevailed. Then He separated the Hebrews from the rest of the world to set a Godly example, and they failed. And then He sent Jesus, and they rejected Him and killed Him. And the church that followed has not lived by His heavenly will. So here we are living in the evil of our own making, until we who know the truth can encourage enough other people to live compassionately for the whole of creation, heal it, and bring it back to God, and if we cannot accomplish this, one day when the time is right in His mind, He will return and end the evil forever. And since all the animals are living souls like us, God receives us all (human and animal) into heaven and comforts us for all the suffering.

We will add you to the discussion list in a few minutes.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary