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Comments by John - 26 Sep 2010

Hi Frank and Mary,

Thanks for your clarification on this.

I knew that the scene in the film depicting Uzzah trying to prevent the Ark from falling was scriptural, including his death by doing so, but the scene where Gregory Peck deliberately places his hands on it did seem to be a bit far fetched.

Incidentally, I am intrigued by your plant based diet "admonitions" --

I converted to a plant based diet about eight months ago, and I have not regretted it at all.

My reasons, I suppose, were not as scripturally motivated (Perhaps they should be) as they were based on the fact that I saw a DVD about the horrors of animal fats and animal based dairy products, both of which I have cut completely from my diet (Ha Ha ! -- with the exception of one bowl of cereal I had the other day and needed some non-fat milk for it, as I was out of soy milk at the time). I have even cut out eating fish.

I believe that eating animal meat is a quick way to physical death -- regardless of what any "so called food experts" may say about needing protein --

E.g., there's plenty enough protein in pinto beans, and they are also high in vitamin B 6 (Good for keeping the arteries clear), AND they are delicious to boot.

Can you share with me any scriptural verses you have which promote a plant based diet -- and, even more important to me as I recently went through an excruciating period of pet loss and mourning, can you share with me any biblical references you have as to the nature of God's spirit within animals ?

I think that, in Genesis, the "breath of life" is also used to indicate God's "breath of life" being infused into all creatures, which would indicate animals as well as man, and New Testament scripture also indicates "preach the gospel to all living creatures."

Although Christ's redemption and salvation is, obviously, intended for man (Since man has the ability and nature to sin), I would still be interested in any scriptural references which you may know of that indicate that animals, also, have a place within God's kingdom, particularly following physical death.

Thanks very much!

God bless,