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Our subjects cover: animals, religion (Christian, Jewish and others); diet and lifestyle (vegan and vegetarian); and other miscellaneous subjects.

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Comments by Kristina - 11 Feb 2011


I think your site is so wonderful. I get a beautiful "clean" feeling when I read it. Just a lovely spiritual vibration.

It's funny...I did not grow up in a Christian family. My family was very secular. I am very spiritual/religious though with a deep feeling for God....mostly thru yogic philosophy.

But I want to tell you....I really love your sermons. You teach me so much about Christianity and I really think you "get it"...the true meaning of the Bible. I must thank you for your beautiful internet ministry and the love and cleanness it spreads. THANK YOU.

I really think at the core of all true religions is the same meaning, the same path...oneness with God and for us to express more of God ourselves. And, of course, to be more loving to our animal friends.

I've been veg for 25 animal activist since I was 18 years old. I love what you are doing and am trying to get your website out to the many religious people in our country who need your message. Your site will appeal to them the most, I believe.

Anyways...I am confused about your emails. I have clicked on the mailbox icon several times and I always get "mail client not installed". Then today, while I was doing your action alerts...I clicked on an email to express my opinion on some animal cruelty and it said the same thing "mail client not installed". I couldn't send my opinion!

What's going on? Do you think others are missing out on writing you or doing the action alerts because of this? Is there something wrong with my computer?

The only reason I am sending this email is because I found the one page where you wrote out your email. Maybe that could be done more often? Not to complain...I would just hate it if people wanted to contact you or do some animal activism feel the same frustration I did.

Thank you for your beautiful heart and soul,