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By Jo Young - 5 Mar 2011

A single voice of soul

Dear, my vegan friends around the world!

We have to go further.

Now we are sharing vegan information, but we have to positively support people who really want to open vegan restaurants, vegan cafés, or vegan businesses.

Beyond the sharing of vegan information, we have to act, promote veganism with same ideal.  Now is the time.

Dear, my vegan friends!

Ten people can help one person very easily.

One hundred people can help one person more easily.

We don’t have to say, when 1000 people help one person.

If we have strong beliefs and convince ourselves, we can work together.

Money, power, knowledge cannot save this planet.

Only love can save this planet.

Only true love can save this planet .

I am sincerely giving my appreciation to all of your efforts.

But we should encourage ourselves more.

If somebody wants to be working for veganism, we should support them positively.

A wave makes flows all sides, all sides flows gathering a flow, we can do like this and we can be a great ocean.

Dear, my soul friend !

I sincerely hope that you would please be together, and act together, and realize our ideal on this planet.

Voice of soul

Jo Young won in Korea, Seoul