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By Benjamin - 3 Nov 2011


It's interesting to see how the subject of being friendly to animal touches people fast. My first person to share this message with is my friend Julius, not a student but a man with a family.

He told me in his life (About 30) he never slaughtered any animals. Whenever his father tell him a plan to kill a goat, sheep or a cow, he usually make sure he will not be around during that, though later he come for ready meat at meal time. To make sure, he will not ask to assist with the slaughtering process. He hates seeing the friendly innocent animal being lead to be killed. Julius, was happy with teaching.

I also have a few friends in school who talk positively about my belief, but to many it is foolishness.

I have been trying to read the Bible - especially the book of Genesis and found no meat eating till after the flood. This shows God's plan was not to eat any animals. The garden of Eden was full of all kinds of animals, birds and man but never heard any of them feeding on the meat of another.

Thanks Frank & Mary for bring this message to us and I hope many will eventually learn this truth.

God bless and thank for prayer support.