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By Mea - 3 Dec 2011

Greeting from Finland, Scandinavia, Europe,  

I love your site. I am a raw vegan Christian, a raw food coach and I have made two raw food books. I have chosen this profession in order to get people to eat more vegan food and less animal products.  

I don't know any other vegan Christian. I don't particularly want to go to church because Christians there think God created animals for us to eat them.  

Also it's hard to read all the time about how badly animals are treated and how much they suffer. Every day I see horrible pics in facebook and it break's my heart. Whenever I feel crushed I just have to think that at least I do whatever I can, trying to veganize people. But sometimes it's just too much. Is there any support anywhere? Can anybody help? I need to be strong so I can go on with my work. People are only interested in their own pleasures and well-being. It's difficult to live every day with barbarians.

And just for the interpretation: we Finns are pretty straight-forward :)

Kind regards,