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Our subjects cover: animals, religion (Christian, Jewish and others); diet and lifestyle (vegan and vegetarian); and other miscellaneous subjects.

All-Creatures Ministry and Web Site
By Tony - 31 May 2012

Hello Frank and Mary:

Thanks for accepting my invite and wow! You guys stay busy! Looked through your web site and love your compassion for people and animals. I can't prove it but when God kicked Adam out of the Garden, he had a dog go with him to protect him and watch over him...haha. My passion is for dogs but love all animals. Dogs provide such a great service for so many areas. Love is the greatest force in the universe and that is what I base my training on..the bond that a dog has with his handler...incredible bond=incredible things!

We are a family run wife of 24 years Laura and 5 children. We are a young business..but I believe that we have a lot to offer. I also work full time 3rd shift at Ragu while trying to establish our business where I can provide for my family solely from that. Very tough at times..but if one would look at our facility they would see our dedication. If you have any advice in this area..I would appreciate that greatly. I know if more people knew of us then more things would happen. Thanks for all that you do..take care..stay happy..

God bless


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