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By Francis N. Nganga - 17 Jul 2012

Receive my Greeting in Jesus Name.

My Name is Rev Francis N Nganga.  I Minister unto the Lords Flock in Kenya East Africa I have been a minister of the word for 20+ years. As i was perusing your site, i was amazed moved beyond words at the love exhibited therein. I reasoned that you qualify to be my mentors. That is solely why i write, seeing we are living in perilous times as prophesied in  Matthew 24.

It is so encouraging when there remains in the world enlightened people who know we are all one blood regardless of the pigmentation of our skins.

I also fully agree that true compassion is feeling for those who lack regardless of their religion ,race or tribe or even skin color.

Welcome to Africa. We are very much willing to partner with you in trying to alleviate poverty for the very needy in Africa. If you are in a position to come  my communication lines are open and we will plan as we go.

I live in Central province, Limuru Division, and Ndeiya Location. This location is what is considered by the current government a hardship area because of severe weather, mostly dry. The main road in not Tarmacked though it is passable. Adequate medical resources are scarce and to top it up, many go to sleep on an empty stomach.

The main occupation of the people here is farming with inadequate rainfall and harvest is not always guaranteed.

Our children  lack sufficient education mostly due to finances and the prevailing circumstances.

I have in mind at all times ,the less privileged in life- Orphans, widows, homeless, the aged, etc.

I work with others to try and help out though we lack in many ways if  you can  get a chance to come, surely we will sit down and work out modalities how we can help and receive blessings. The ministry i lead here goes by the Name "House of Worship, Assemblies.

Once again, thank you and i look forward to more communication as regards this matter. We appeal to you, your kind friends and humanitarian organizations for assistance to safe the situation before it runs out  of hand Its our sincere hope that our kind appeal will receive a positive reply. There is nothing small toward the poor as it can make a difference.


Rev, Francis