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By Peter - 22 Jul 2012

On the Vigilant Citizen Message Boards, in the Religions section, I have also created a thread, called Christian Animal Rights, introducing the members to your site. Link: 

As you can see, there is already mixed reaction. X-Maverick demands verses proving that animals alive today will be in heaven, and interestingly, won't even consider viewing your site (By the way, that verse in Genesis that says that animals were created as living souls will not work with him, since he is a 'soul sleep' Christian, while you seem to be 'immortal soul' Christians. That's why I did not reference that verse, since I knew he would not accept it as proof. He says animals will be in heaven, but not the ones alive today, so that verse in Revelation about animals in heaven will not work with him either.)

On the plus side, there is at least one Christian, DeusInvictus1, who is appreciative of me mentioning the site. And there has also been an attempt to derail the topic by jack963, an apparent atheist. We have people of all faiths (and no faith) on this site, and each one has differing opinions on various topics. We have Christians (both 'immortal soul' and 'soul sleep', Catholic and Protestant), Jews, Muslims, atheists, even some pagans and New Agers on this forum. We sometimes get such trolling on the Religions section by the atheists.

Considering what I have read on your site about many people leaving their churches because of the hardness of heart they encountered, I should mention one interesting comment on the thread on pets in heaven by one of the atheists, FlixKandish. She mentioned that a friend of hers left his church because he was told that dogs don't go to heaven. In one of her posts on another thread, she mentioned that she is an ex-Christian (Don't know if she left for the same reason though). (I am mentioning these people by their usernames because that is all I know them by. I do not know their actual names.) I also made a point, echoed by one of the New Agers, Zsymon, that just because there is no proof that an idea is true does not automatically mean it isn't true. Some of these are on posts that have come up since my last email to you.

Since I have mentioned your site, you may get emails from some of the other members. Some may ask for verses to support your views. I know you use verses from several different Bible versions, but I should let you know that quite a few of the Protestant Christians on this forum (not all of them though, and obviously not the Catholics) consider the King James Version to be the only true word of God, so be prepared to use that version if needed. Also, I know that you have also mentioned a Veg-Christian email list with the comments from other readers of your site.

If you do get messages from other Vigilant Citizen members that you decide to publish, or just in responding back to them, to avoid confusion between the two groups, use V-C (with the hyphen) for Veg-Christian and VC (without the hyphen) for Vigilant Citizen if you initialize. If you would like, I can mention members by religion (Only those I know for sure though).