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By Karolin - 25 Oct 2012

Hello Frank and Mary,  

Yes, thank you. This does help a lot.   

I am just amazed on how many people use the bible or the "supposed" word of God to make an excuse. I really thought that once people learned what really happens, they would be eager to change the world for the animals. It is difficult for me to fully comprehend how some people care so deeply and others are not even touched by the tremendous amount of cruelty the animals are forced to endure.  

Sometimes I wonder if God could stop it, if he wanted to. I sometimes tell or ask him that :)   If I were to start reading the bible, which one do you suggest I read? I don't think that a bible that has been re-written would tell everything as it really is. Am I right?  

Thanks for everything. Your advise is always very appreciated. I am really learning a lot from you.  

Have a wonderful day!