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By Karolin - 12 Nov 2012

Dear Frank and Mary,
Just a small update. I have not heard anything with regard to my holiday cards yet. Maybe they just received them and have not gotten time to get back to me.
I am going to buy some more cards and send them within the next few days. I think I just keep doing this until Christmas. I never had any idea how many churches there are.
I did run into a patient's pastor here at the hospital and took the opportunity to ask him why the church does not recognize animals, especially farm animals. He smiled and said "oh boy, such a small subject :) ....) He did not really mean that the subject was "small", he meant the opposite.
He said that for him it would be impossible to change his diet because he would not know what to cook. On the contrary he told me that part of the church does the Hallelujah Acres diet. I think I will follow up with him with my holiday card & letter.
I will keep you posted.
I hope all is well!