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By Karolin - 13 Nov 2012

Good morning,
It puzzles me to think that most people have solely selfish motives. They basically have no problem saying "oh, I don't do it for the animals, I don't care about that. I do it for my health"    I have heard that numerous times from people.
This pastor told me the story of a woman in his congregation who had a very bad cancer. He said that the doctors did not think that they could cure it. She completely changed her diet to this HAcres diet, prepared everything all natural, from scratch. 
He said that it is amazing what food and nutrition can do and that she is now cancer free, due to "this special diet"
I am not sure why I replied the way I did but I said to him "well, maybe it was not the actual diet that cured her, maybe it was God saying: Thank You"
He said "Mmmmm, maybe.    
I am sure I will get some responses, I'll just keep going until then....
Have a good day.