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By Patti - 21 Nov 2012


I hope you can help me I guess I wanted to hear personally from you.

My name is Patti I am a woman on disability.

I take care of 30 or more feral cats.

I live in a place though where a lot of people don't like cats, and I have had so much trouble with these people, but it never stopped me from taking care of the feral cats.  When i first came here I fed 2 and now it is 20 and more.  I have put up shelters (not the best shelters but they have to do)in the back of this building where I live in a wooded lot,  through a organization I have gotten them spaded and neutered.  Every morning I go out to feed them and they all cuddle around me.

I am writing because I have seen a lot of them die, and it hurt so much.   There was a feral cat a darling girl , who was very timid and shy , she would always hide in the bushs and cry to me.  the past few weeks she started to get to know me a little more and gain some confidence, she would be sitting on the stoop where I come out waiting for me. 

Yesterday I went to throw the garbage out and saw her dead in a box in the garbage, I almost fell crying I couldn't take seeing this.   I took her into the lot where I used to feed her to take a look at her and touch her and didn't feel any broken bones, but saw blood coming out of her mouth.  someone said they saw her and put her in a box thinking she got hit by a car, I will never know what happened.   all I know is I couldn't stop crying, and I was so upset.  I had nowhere to bury her and I just couldn't put her in a horrible garbage to be thrown into a garbage truck. 

So I put her in a corner by a empty building in the lot where she used to go.  I put a heavy boat cover over the box then put some leaves and twigs , then took a tarp and put it over that and then put some more twigs and branches and leaves over her.  My friend said I shouldn't leave her there, but it has been 4 days now and I just can't move everything I did , and pick up the box, I will get all emotional again, I feel I have to leave her there, it was her home.  I am hoping this will be alright.

Also I want so much to know she is in Heaven , I know I am asking childlike questions but can I be sure that this feral cat is there.  Also by where I put her I noticed a small cross that was painted on the building which made me feel even more to keep her there.  I have been so sick, and miss her so much. 

Please can you help alleviate my pain.

Please can you be so kind to get back to me.

With true Sincerity