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By Kim - 16 Jan 2013

Dear Frank,

I was wondering if you were a Catholic pastor and I did have some doubt about it.  You might question what made me think that way!  I've been looking for almost all my life to find a Catholic pastor who cares about animals, but I got none. In facts, oppositely and sadly, I saw and witnessed them enjoying eating animal (even pet) flesh a lot, if not saying that they are addicted to it, and they cannot live without regularly burying animals into their "so-called" Holy Temple (their bodies).
However I believe you have a broader relationship with and you have more chance to contact other religious leaders, so you may know someone.  (And I'd like to know them if you do not mind telling me.)
Please bear with me, since I'm not a Bible person, so I just want to communicate with you as a layperson.  Truthfully, the more Catholic clergy preaches to people to follow Bible, the more I run away from it, for what deeds they prove.  Do not misunderstand me, I still follow the principles of the Bible, but not through the Catholic leaders.
I'd like to ask you a question.  Do you know why Catholic people are so addicted to flesh eating?  This is a question I don't know the truth: "Do they really think God created animals for them to consume?", or did they just made an excuse for themselves to fool their conscience?
I have numerous questions in my mind, and I don't know if you are willing to help me (because I think you have a hectic schedule)?
Thank you.