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By Col Sky - 13 Feb 2013

Hi Frank, 

I believe every atom is sacred and this is my understanding... I believe that all life is created from female bodies and that it is a matriarchal society the world needs with its messages of sharing and living in peace taught to us by mothers around the world... and their strong family values.

The values of the patriarchal system are of self/greed/ego/fighting for what one wants...

I am sorry, but as someone evolving with new loving ideas of the miracles of creation.... to think like we did thousands of years back when violent men took over the running of the earth and decided to no longer live in symbiosis with nature - mother nature - the creator of all fruits, plants and children and creatures..

I live in the now not yesteryears... Ii believe in the divinity of every moment -  really I should just leave the group - the message given to me by the higher powers is too live lovingly and positively - not to argue with others... but to point the way forward to better ideas than those followed by past generations...

Without new changes, new positive ideas and movements... the war of words will continue...

In the love of the divine


P.S: excuse this unedited, rushed reply, I have just returned from a month in the wilderness to a mountain of email and jobs around the house and the new garden of Eden I am creating outside the doors... with of course the help of the higher power...