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By Col Sky - 14 Feb 2013

Dear Frank,

The now is eternity second by second... like a car driving through time... you just don't look back... as the past is recorded in your memory like the speedometer records the distance... you don't look back.. and you cannot see round the next corner... the driver must be focused firmly in the now... no buts about it...

Also... we cannot rely on what others wrote about their conversations with the higher power in the past.. we must listen to what the higher power is saying to us now.... for the higher power is trying to communicate with us this moment... and if we are not 100% aware of this and listening... then we will be too distracted to hear, by both the past and the future, neither of which exist... as life can only exist in the present time and always has...

What is important I believe is to center the self firmly in the creators' mind today....  the creators' communication method is by light... through light and the power of now... everything is revealed and explained and how it is... (not by how it was... as there is no light there...) for that road was way back and is just a dried flower arrangement of how things were...

In truth... the higher power is with us this very moment trying to communicate... yet everyone is too distracted by the traffic jam of a world gone wrong... because no one is looking about them at the miracle being crushed under foot as they strive on blindly looking forward and behind...

In peace