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By Rachael - 15 Feb 2013

I've been trying to become Vegan for quite some time now (I guess about 4-5 months.) I have a lot of allergies to lots of nuts, fruits and some grains... So, a lot of recipes I have to alter or skip all together. It took a while to get the hang of things... specially pre bought anything b/c almost all of it I am allergic to :/.
Now though I have a better handle on it but every week or so I seem to be stuck in this cycle. After a week (or so sometimes more or less) of veggies and fruits, I have this INTENSE craving for various forms of dairy. Nothing specific, usually just a glass of milk or cheese, every once in a while ice cream. A lot of other cravings I had are gone which is great! but this one just seems to not leave me!

Every so often I'll let myself have some milk or whatever which lets the craving go away. 
I noticed sometimes I could eat an avocado, and I would feel less of a need for dairy which made me wonder if my body might be asking for something specific that's in dairy and avocados? I can't have any of the replacement milks.. soy, rice, or almond. 
I was wondering if you had any tips or some kind of transitioning advice. 
Thank you,