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By Joyce - 3 Mar 2013

Hi Frank,

I want to tell you that I've really enjoyed your blog series and have been reading your sermons (something I've MEANT to do for awhile! 

Sometimes it takes me a while to get to these things!) and I am blessed and honoured to have you in my corner. 

The comment about the manna in the desert-the food that God gave the Israelites, and they demanded meat made me think why didn't I see this before?  It's further Biblical evidence that God intended us to be vegan.  I think my ultimate evidence is in my stomach.  Along with odd food allergies-white sugar, white flour and chemical food additives that I've acquired as I've grown older ditching the meat has made a huge difference.  Granted I still eat dairy yogourt for the probiotics (soy yogourt doesn't work and probiotics in pills are well beyond my budget). Thank you for the work you do! 

I appreciate the Biblical arguments for veganism which carry far more weight with other Christians. 

In our prayers!   :-)