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By Gregg - 20 Mar 2013

Hi Karolin,

Thanks for your note. Sorry I couldnít take your call yesterday.  What I thought was going to be a flexible day turned out to be over-the-top busy.

Thank you for sending the video. I was able to view the entire presentation and found it very informative. However, (and here comes the BUT), the topic falls into a category that we briefly talked about during your visit.  Much of the material discussed deals with issues that Christians can honestly have differing opinions. The care of Creation and the ending of cruelty to animals are not issues that are debatable. I am in total agreement than manís choices have greatly harmed Godís creation. There might be differences of opinion regarding the vegan option being the only solution to creation care.

As was mentioned, in a church our size there are strong views on a variety of issues. When we place those issues front and center, we begin talking about everything except Christ. This can lead to people beginning to judge and take sides. For example, I have heard of churches that split over issues such as education --should it be home-school, private Christian school, or public school? Conflict takes place, and the mission of the church gets set aside. The main thing is no longer the main thing.

All this to say that we are not going to be able to present the video at Blackhawk. I will have my assistant return the video to you so that you may continue to share it with other churches in the future. It was very nice to meet you, and I certainly appreciate your passion for the cause.

Kindest regards,


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