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By Karolin - 26 Mar 2013

Hi Frank and Mary,
Oh okay. That I can do!
I am not sure about the type of dogs. It was a petition about an American designer who is claiming fake fur on his clothes but they found out that it was dog. 
Sometimes I think I should not open those messages but then I know that today petitions are very powerful. So I open them all and sign them all. However seeing images make me sick for days. I can't concentrate on anything else.
For example yesterday I was watching TV, a mother with her baby and the baby was getting her first immunization. She cried her little heart out. All I could think of was that this little baby was "only" getting a small needle and look how scared she is. I compared it to the fear a little calf must have when dragged to slaughter, which of course is  a 1000 times more brutal than a needle. That thought consumed me all evening.
Question. I hate those people who do harm animals. But what do you think I am fearful of?  
Thanks and have a great day!

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