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By Karolin - 22 May 2913

Hello Frank and Marry,
Thank you so much for your answer! This question was bugging me yesterday but I knew that you have an answer that would make sense to me.
Btw. I read your sermon, incl. the part where you say that your ministry has changed many lives. This is so true. For myself I can clearly say that you (besides my mother and grandmother)  have been the most influential in my life. I have met many, many people all over the world and have listened to many different beliefs but the way you teach brings me not only comfort but also hope for all beings including myself. Today I look at life in a complete different way and this would not have been possible without you guys. I become more and more genuine and true to myself, when before I was rather selfish and somewhat in disguise with my true feelings. 
I wish there were more pastors who teach the same way for it would be a better world sooner to come. What you say becomes so clear, especially when we are willing to live unselfishly. So many good things have come out of this for me personally. Not in monetary ways but in the way that I know I will always be alright and I will have always have enough of what I really need.
Thank you.