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By Joni - 14 Jun 2013

Dear compassionate friend that Loves God and Jesus too.

Hardness of heart.

That is the problem.

I know Christians that actually attacked me in horrible said that I am the work of the devil and I better be careful and repent or I can go to hell.  Another (man in my church) used to butcher lambs on his own farm. I shared about the plight of animals and the joy of being vegan on my Facebook.  So he got into a huge discussion on Facebook with me to defend eating meat.  He then  posted on Facebook (specifically for me to see) a diagram on how to butcher a lamb.  He thinks I am not living the right life also.  I could not take his posting that so I sent him a message to say because he did post that on Facebook intentionally to upset me that I could not be his friend anymore on Facebook and I unfriended him.

Later on another person got upset with my postings on facebook and many "friends" I had on facebook started to write that "someone" (meaning me, had better stop posting about the animals and their suffering.  I ended up unfriending them as well.  I got more personal messages from the one that said I was of the devil before and she continued to attack me.  I told her I was sorry but I cannot stop as the animals need a voice and I have to speak for them.  I said I love the Lord the Triune God and cannot be anything but what I am in regard to this so we are no longer friends. 

I have lost so many Christian friends over this.

I sometimes want to go to Heaven now rather than be here but I know God has called me to be here now and for this purpose.  Once I knew there was no going back to eating flesh or eating dairy and eggs.  

I just want to share how it is.  More people who say they are Christian s are attacking me for loving God and His Earth and His animals. 

I really never would have attacked someone like they have me yet they say the are loving people and Christian.  They have asked me to judge them to say they are sinning.  I did not want to be judge...I said God is the judge not me.  That I am here to love them and pray for them and to be here for the animals.

Your web site is what helped me not go crazy through all of this.

Thank God you have such a beautiful place for me to rest my heart and mind when I am depleted.  I love to read Genesis chapter one over and over again.

I need prayer to stay strong. 

I am heartbroken over these people's hardness of heart and blindness.

Thank you for being here on the Internet!

God bless you!