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By Mary - 28 Jul 2013

Hello Frank,

Just sitting here wondering how you have endured the knowledge you and Mary have possessed for so long.  

I just read a quote today and already I forgot by whom, but it is was along the lines that if this planet ever does survive, America will go down in the history books and the legacy of creating the worse genocide in the history of man; right up there with Hitler as far as the animals go.  I find what he did as one of the most atrocious acts that were ever committed and the manner in which it was done is unspeakable and equate it with what is being done to the animals.  

I consider myself to be an animal's equal and that is why I equate the both as such a tragic and never forgotten atrocity committed on such innocent beings that never harmed anybody.  

This man said that America will be known as being the same.  

Do you agree with this as I feel that sooner or later all will come crumbling down as it did with Hitler and what a horrific reputation to leave to the many generations and centuries to come.  

I don't know what I am really saying except that no matter what I do, where I am, I have the thoughts of these animals in the factory farms, day and night, suffering so badly.  I see the weather and think of them; the hot, the cold, everything and wonder why.  

I have always wondered why the Holocaust could ever have happened and still have my questions for God and now this with the animals, all innocent and loving beings.  Will this evil ever end Frank?  

I know I am driving you crazy.  You are the only one I can talk to and I know you understand and I still have to know you are one of  the strongest men to live with all this knowledge and still have faith.  Well, just needed a kind person to talk to.  I will cry myself to sleep again tonight trying not to picture what is going on at this very moment but knowing full well that this torture is happening as I type this.  The Jewish people did not deserve this, the animals don't...why Frank...what purpose is this serving...what is the outcome supposed to be and any lessons learned?  

I crave answers but there are none and tonight, I fear my faith is weaning again.  Have a good night and sorry if I depressed you.  I think because you are a Pastor you will understand and you do but you are also human and I just don't know how you tolerate each day as it certainly cannot be easy for you.  

Thank you for listening to me.