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By Mary 30 Jul 2013

I will do that Frank:

So this is our fate always feel the pain the animals are is a heavy load to carry for us isn't it? No wonder why I feel so badly all the time and in a constant state of depression, as hard as I try not to be.  

Reading your all-creatures is helpful when there is anything "good to report", but I know you have to report the bad also and that is just more horrifying news, but has to be said.  

I will never get how people care so much about their pets, as they should, but neglect to give a thought to a farm animal as though he doesn't feel any pain even though a dog or cat gets the privilege of anesthesia for any pain he is going through.  

Don't people connect the dots or are farm animals so very different that their suffering just does not matter.  

Every time I give my cat his thyroid medicine I think of how afraid he is and that brings me right to foie gras and the horrors of what those animals endure and know the fear just as my cat does but he gets his medicine with a loving heart.  

Yes, I will send you any articles I get.  Did you get the one from the New York times...I'm sure you read that man's article but even if I feel it is a duplicate, I will sent to you.  

I am meeting with Rep Kennedy on Saturday morning ..he is coming to my town and I am going to his meeting to discuss the farm bill (King amendment) and other animal issues.  Will let you know how that goes ok.  

Thank you.