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By Mary - 31 Jul 2013

I will do that Frank...

Yes, I am in a constant state of mourning, because I know every minute of every day these animals are suffering, and I see so much in my cats; the fear of the thyroid medicine dropper even though he knows how gentle and loving I am towards him, but think every time I give it to him the others' suffering...I do just go around in a state of pain just wondering how other people function and how they could knowing this is going on.  

I am going to a Red Sox game on Sunday...haven't been in many years and now do not want to go..the thoughts of all the hot dogs and sausages being served will be just another reminder all day of the horror that people will just refuse to face...I'm getting to dislike people can anyone smile or laugh until these animals are free from their suffering..well, that documentary is on tonight and I just wonder how many people will watch it...makes me sick that as unpleasant as it is, you have had to see these things, I have, lots of people who care have to see and it is so heartbreaking to see leaving us helpless to do anything at the moment for them.  I just keep praying for a  miracle...they are in concentration camps and we are no better than Hitler..I have read numerous books on the Holocaust and feel the same about on earth can anyone, ever, do these things to any person/animal I will never know and that is why sometimes I wish I would die and then maybe get the answer from God.  If I could give my life tomorrow to save the animals I would.  

I have the utmost respect for you and Mary for all you have gone through and are still going to go through it until who knows when.  I am going to type a letter and ask Rep. Kennedy to sign it pledging to do all he can when the farm bill or any other bills come up re animals and will hold him to his word.  If he is willing to sign it I will send it to you.  Again, thank you.  

Went to Target today to look for a Tofu press and of course they did not have one; Amazon does but I will not buy anything from them at all since they sell things that are despicable.  Wrote to them also.